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Hydrocarbon Processing

Hydrocarbon Processing

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Since 1922, Hydrocarbon Processing has been committed to providing clear and concise technical content and information for the global refining, petrochemical, gas processing and LNG industries. Hydrocarbon Processing's in-depth technical articles,reference materials and data products have been a benchmark for engineers and management throughout the world.

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Hydrocarbon Processing is the HPI's premier monthly magazine

A subscription includes the Print or Digital Edition of Hydrocarbon Processing magazine as well as full access to Hydrocarbon Processing magazine has been helping people like you since 1922. Its editors are engineers themselves and understand what you need to know.

 Why should you subscribe to Hydrocarbon Processing magazine?

  • You will benefit from job-help articles with formulas and technical specifics
  • You will learn from the latest advances in proven technologies
  • You will improve plant reliability, profitability, safety and end-product quality, assisted by Hydrocarbon Processing's specific operational and technical information

 You will receive, in addition to your 12 print issues a year:

  • Process Handbooks (print and online): giving you even more detail in the areas that matter to you
  • Online access to the archives including the issues, the process handbooks and the supplements
  • Online Subject/Author Index of print articles with links to articles available online
  • Online access to the latest issue and process handbooks

Subscribe today and start to benefit from the essential source of information for your job.


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