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World Petroleum Industry


A Chinese Language Magazine From Gulf Publishing Company

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  • China National Petroleum Corporation
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  • China Petroleum Economics & Information Research Center

World Petroleum Industry, WPI,
is a joint venture between the Chinese National Committee of the World Petroleum Congress and Gulf Publishing Company. Under terms of the Agreement, selected articles from World Oil and Hydrocarbon Processing will be translated and published in the bi-monthly Chineselanguage magazine.

The People's Republic of China is the largest potential market for energy products, services and technology. With projections for economic growth estimated at 7.0-7.5% a year, the government has placed the highest priority on oil & gas infrastructure projects. Exploration, drilling and production of hydrocarbons particularly gas will continue at very high levels. By 2005 production of petrochemical-related products is estimated to be 21 million tons.

World Petroleum Industry
covers the oil and gas business in China like no other. Each month articles covering the Global Petroleum Outlook, the Petroleum Economic Forum and Petroleum Science and Technology keep subscribers up to date on the significant issues facing the oil and gas industry in China.

More information can be found in the World Petroleum Industry media pack here

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